The Engineering Faculty at Ege University was founded on 22.06.1882 due to the 41st Decree Law. The faculty is composed of nine departments;  Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Leather Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Textile Engineering Departments. The education in the faculty was initiated in 1982 for the undergraduate level of Computer Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Textile Engineering Disciplines. In 1994, the Electrical and Electronics, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments have started the education in the faculty. In 1999, the Leather Engineering Department and finally in 2000, Bioengineering Department programs have started the undergraduate education. Consequently, the engineering faculty grew by the time, and today it is comprised of nine academic departments. All departments have undergraduate education programs as well as higher education Master of Science and PhD programs. All departments in the  faculty have English preparatory education for one year. Only the Chemical Engineering Department is conducting the education with 100% English requirement. Other departments of Computer, Bioengineering, Electrical and Electronics, Food, Civil and Mechanical Engineering have offered undergraduate programs with a minimum 30% English requirement.  Two Departments; Leather and Textile Engineering have 100% Turkish undergraduate education programs

Approximately 800 new students are enrolled in the Engineering Faculty, each year and approximately 800 students graduates from our programs. All departments in the faculty don't have evening education programs. Engineering Faculty gives education to near five thousand students in the nine departments. The number of our graduates are approximately 13800. Furthermore, our Faculty also has international students coming from different countries.  Engineering Faculty conducts several joint international projects and exchanges academics and students among universities in a variety of countries. All departments of Engineering Faculty, some of them being the first of Turkey or only one in Turkey, have obtained successful results  in the university entrance examination.

Engineering Faculty aims to educate students that are equipped with professional theoretical and practical background, to solve industrial problems and to apply new technologies to industries, and to conduct research activities in order to develop engineering sciences. Those tasks are accomplished by a gradually progressing academic and research staff. Ege University, Engineering Faculty aims to have a continuously progressive understanding, to perform an engineering education in global sense, to carry out research work and advance the relations with industries and provide opportunities for innovative attempts. Engineering Faculty is aware of the need for continuously updating the curriculums in accordance with the international standards.