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Welcome to our faculty webpage,

Engineering faculty aims to provide engineering education in a global sense with an ever-evolving and innovative understanding, to carry out research activities efficiently, to keep alive and enriching industrial relations, to provide opportunities and supports for innovation initiatives and to provide social, environmental and intellectual responsibilities to students in a multifaceted formation. There are nine departments in the faculty including Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Food Engineering, Leather Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Textile Engineering. The undergraduate programs in the departments are based on engineering main courses, departmental courses, technical and non-technical elective courses, and fundamental courses such as mathematics, physics and chemistry for the first year. Theoretically given lectures are integrated with practical and laboratory courses. Practical applications are carried out in research laboratories located in departments and pilot laboratories in some departments. In addition, students who practice internships in various industrial establishments during summer also develop their theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge and skills during their training.

The teaching medium in Department of Chemical Engineering is totally English. In Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Food Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering the teaching media 30% English. Students not comprehensive in English must attend a one‑year Preparatory Program offered by the School of Foreign Languages. Once the proper comprehension level in English is obtained, students then can begin the first year in the department.

The department programs of Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Textile Engineering are accredited by MÜDEK (Association of Engineering Education Programs Assessment and Accreditation) and these programs are awarded by the European Accreditation of Engineering Program (EUR-ACE) label.

There are important studies carried out in cooperation with the industry in the departments of the Engineering Faculty. Students participate in these studies with their "Thesis Project" course, which was included in the last year of the education program. Thus, they are involved in industrial projects without graduating.

Engineering Faculty aims to develop interdisciplinary interactions between faculties and other faculties and universities, and cooperate in teaching and research. There are Double Major and Minor Programs in Bioengineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments. Successful students studying in these areas have the possibility to obtain a second undergraduate diploma or a certificate in a second field.

Internationalization is one of the issues that the Engineering Faculty attaches importance. Students exchange with both ERASMUS Program from European Union Education and Youth Programs and under bilateral cooperation agreements. Engineering Faculty is the one sending the most students with ERASMUS program at Ege University. With the international internship program known as IAESTE, the students of the Engineering Faculty are sent to the overseas industrial organizations for internship, and students are accepted from abroad with this program.

Graduates from different departments of the Engineering Faculty are able to pursue an academic career by continuing a master's degree and later a doctorate program in their field or in related fields. Moreover, according to the departments they graduated from, they have a wide range of fields such as research and development, production, quality assurance, marketing, import and export etc., they can work as engineers in these fields. The success of our graduates is our greatest pride.

We expect you to visit our web page so that you can get to know our faculty and departments more closely.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Süheyda ATALAY

Dean of Engineering Faculty