MUDEK Accreditation

Education of engineering should provide required qualifications of both national and international levels. It is required to validate whether this qualifications are achieved or not by an independent organization. Building of quality culture and quality assurance system are the important topics that our faculty prioritizes. This is achieved by updating and improving the education programs receiving opinions from stakeholders. Accreditation of engineering program is provided by several organizations. Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) is the oldest one among them. MÜDEK (Engineering Education Programs Assessment and Accreditation Association) is an accreditation organization which is constituted by Engineering Deans Council and approved by  Council of Higher Education. MÜDEK is also a permanent member of ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education) which is constituted by European Union, and is authorized by ENAEE to grant EUR-ACE label (European Accreditation of Engineering Programmes). Detailed information about MÜDEK can be accessed from web address. Müdek was accepted to Washington Accord that is under the umbrella of IEA (International Engineering Alliance) since 15th June 2015.

Computer, Electrical and Electronic, Food, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, and Textile Engineering Department programs of our Faculty have been accredited by MÜDEK and EUR-ACE label has been granted to all of them. EUR-ACE Label which is also European Accreditation for Engineering Programs has a meaning of “Bachelor’s Level Engineering Program Accredited in Europe” for a particular department program.