Electrical and Electronics Engineering

General Information

The Electrical Engineering  and Electronics Department was established in 1994. The Department offers undergraduate education to about 150 students, and graduate programs to about 15 master and Ph.D. students.

The education programs in Electrical Engineering and Electronics are designed with the purpose of preparing students both for a career in the Electrical Engineering profession and for further studies in applied and theoretical research. The first six semesters of the undergraduate program are common to all electrical engineering and electronics students with the aim of preparing the student to choose an appropriate specialization option. The selection of the specialization field at the beginning of the seventh semester is made under the supervision of the department advisors.

In the undergraduate program the following specialization options are available to the students:

·       Electronics and Communication Systems

·       Power Systems and Control

In the graduate programs, students are offered courses and research opportunities in the following specialization areas:

·       Electronics

·       Electric Machinery, Control and Power Electronics

·       Digital and Fiber-Optic Communications

·       Image Processing

·       Biomedical Signal Processing

The department at present has 25 full-time academic staff. The full-time academic members are 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 7 assistant professors, 12 research assistants, and 2 lecturers. All of the academic members are involved both in teaching and in research through funded projects as well as in supervising of students undergraduate, master and Ph.D. thesis.

Department's web pages can be reached  at http://electronics.ege.edu.tr

Course Structure

You may see the details of undergraduate course structure of the Electrical Engineering  and Electronics Department through the web page given at   http://electronics.ege.edu.tr


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Academic staff

The details of Academic staff of the Electrical Engineering  and Electronics Department are available in the web page of  Academic staff Information of Ege University.